QFC RC Cars 1:18 Scale Remote Control Car


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  • 1:18 Scale High Speed RC Car: This 4WD high-speed remote control car with its 380 high-speed motor can reach speeds of 25 mph. The car’s 4-wheel drive, powerful motor and high traction tires can handle any surface and grade. The remote control comes with a speed level setting knob you can adjust for different types of runs.
  • Long Battery Life, All Terrain: This rc truck comes with two 7.4V 850mAh high quality rechargeable batteries which can provide about 40 or more mins of fun filled driving time. The rc cars for adults and kids can climb all types of terrain: grass, gravel road, beach, hills and whatever you can find to put it up against. It can not only handle small jumps with ease, but can also do wheelies and with the right terrain can even do flips.
  • Sturdy Build, Durable and Nimble: This hobby grade remote control truck comes with long travel suspensions, PA chassis, a high strength PVC car shell and tires, which provides excellent protection from high-speed collisions. In addition, this remote control racing car will handle all kinds of rough terrains with ease.
  • Easy to Use and Run: The off-road RC monster car comes with a 2.4GHz remote control system. The remote control is very responsive and it is adjustable for speed, turning sensitivity, steering adjustments etc, making it suitable for everyone from the beginner to the most skilled driver. 
  • This package includes a 4WD rc car, a 2.4GHz remote control, two 7.4V 850mAh rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cable, 3 AA batteries, a screw driver, a set of spare screws, a socket wrench and the user manual. A Christmas gift the kids and adults are sure to love and have a ton of fun with.

Ultra-Solid Build 4WD Chassis

The 1:18 scale 4WD rc cars for adults employs long travel suspensions, and upgraded PA chassis strength, which can provide a great protection when it is strength hit in the process of running. So you can enjoy it in all terrain without any worry.


Long Driving Time: 40+ mins

This rc truck comes with 2 Li-Po battery rechargeable batteries and USB charging cable, so you can enjoy 40+ minutes of driving time per charge.


Alloy Differential Assembly

This remote control car for adults and kids comes with an alloy differential, which allows the rc car to turn smoothly. Even if the running speed of the wheels is different but also these four wheels can be driven with the same power.

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QFC RC Cars 1:18 Scale Remote Control Car

QFC RC Cars 1:18 Scale Remote Control Car


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